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Dakota Johnson Melanie Griffith

Is It A Parents Right To Embarrass Your Kids? Dakota Johnson Doesn’t Think So.

As a parent don’t we have the right to embarrass our kids? Isn’t it a right of passage to embarrass your daughter at some point? Don’t we have the right as all parents to reserve the right to embarrass our children, when and wherever we see fit?…. Within reason of course… I see it as […]

Struggle of SAHM

If You Are Struggling As A Stay At Home Mum – These are the words from ‘hubby’ that you need to hear

The Words That Every Stay At Home Mum Needs To Hear #womenslives I’m in a fantastic local Mums group on Facebook. It’s a place where we can ask any question at all and not feel judged. It’s a place where fun discussions can just take off, sometimes this may involve identifying the latest creepy crawly that […]

Why Mums Get Nothing Done

Why Mums Get Nothing Done

There is a reason why Mums get nothing done. Or at least feel as though they do. When the kids were younger, I often wondered why I actually bothered cleaning the house at all. Sure enough after I had finished (or so I thought) I turned around and all my fantastic work had all been in […]

Princess Mary and Frederick

Would You Want Your Daughter To Marry A Prince?

Is Emma Watson Set To Marry Prince Harry? Over the weekend the rumour treadmill went into overdrive. Apparently Harry Potter princess Emma Watson is now dating ‘real life’ Prince, Prince Harry! Now is this a match made in heaven or what?? This sent twitter into meltdown.. With every manner of person wishing hope upon hope […]

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Foodbank February

Foodbank February – Charity Sandwich Challenge

Foodbank February #agrainoftruth During the month of February Tip Top Bakeries and “The Grain Of Truth” Campaign are participating in the Foodbank initiative. Foodbank’s aim is to achieve an “Australia without hunger”. They do this by collecting and salvaging food products and redistributing them to those in need via charities and community groups. Last year […]

Prawn and Chorizo pasta

Chorizo Prawn Pasta

Chorizo Prawn Pasta Serves 8 Chorizo Prawn Pasta  is a great recipe for a quick mid week meal. It keeps both the meat lovers and the seafood lovers happy in one breath. Ingredients Penne Pasta 8 Chorizo Sausages (raw) 1/2 kilo green prawns Your favourite bottled pasta sauce 1 tin crushed tomatoes 1 tablespoon of […]

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Beauty and Fashion


Living With A Manscaper

Do You Live With A “Manscaper” *This post is sponsored by Lynx” Parents of girls know what the daily fight in the bathroom is like. Quadruple that and that’s what the daily fight for the bathroom is like with 4 girls! There are fights over hair straighteners and fights over blow dryers. Someone is using someone else’s face wash or deoderant, […]

Frozen hairstyles

How To Do Hairstyles From Frozen

How To Do Elsas “Frozen” Braid *This post contains affiliate links* Are your girls obsessed with Frozen? I am continually being asked “Mum can you do my hair like Elsa’s”?…… Ummm yeah sure….. It never ends up looking right. So you can imagine my joy when I found these instructions for the perfect Elsa braid […]


Little Ears Are Everywhere..Dove Legacy

Does Your Impression of Your Own Body Image Influence The Way Your Daughter Sees Herself? Ask yourself this…. how often do you complain about your thighs, your bum, your hair, your legs or other numerous body parts? How often do you realise that little ears are listening to every word you say? Our girls absorb […]

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