Saturday, September 20, 2014

How To Increase Your PageViews With Pinterest

Increase Page Views With Pinterest

How To Increase Your Page Views With Pinterest

I love Pinterest, I love scrolling through my feed and looking at all the amazing projects others are undertaking. I love looking at the homes and rooms of my dreams and sighing in unadulterated bliss, while the green eyed monster lurks beneath. I love all the great recipes that pop up indicating that it is indeed possible to make anything edible out of any product.... and make it look good...But most of all I love the incredible amounts of traffic it brings to my blog.

Pinterest is right up there as my top traffic referrer.

I have discovered some great blogs through Pinterest and have learn't a lot myself about the world of blogging from following some great Pinterest accounts.  

Everyone is attracted to a great picture right off the bat, humans are very visual creatures and if something appeals to our sense of sight we will investigate that further.  

With that in mind here are my best tips to make the most out of Pinterest and hopefully help you gain a lot more eyes on your blog.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

8 Tips To Ensure Your Child Is A Good Sport - Parents Too #Stumble Into The Weekend

Tips To Ensure Your Child Is A Good Sport

How Teach Your Child To Be A Good Loser

Well the netball season is over for another year (club level anyway) and although Miss 14 made it into the Grand Final this year,  the premiership was not meant to be.

However along with the natural disappointment, the girls were able to see the positive and feel very proud of their accomplishments this season.

There were a few extenuating circumstances which led to the loss, so the girls truly felt that indeed they did not lose the game as such, but were actually unable to play to their usual standard.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Banana Muffins - Family Favourite Thursday

Banana Muffins

Best Banana Muffins

These muffins are the easiest muffins you will ever make. They are great to whip up for an after school snack. Fantastic to pop into the lunch box. 

They are also great for that mid morning snack with a coffee.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

RV/Campervan Holiday Part 6 - Airlie Beach To Rockhampton

Yeppoon QLD

Never Smile At A Crocodile.....

Part 6 sees us bid farewell to the Great Barrier Reef and begin our journey South once more..

We psyched ourselves up for a 5-6 hour stint driving in the van, passing some beautiful scenery along the way and some lovely coastal views.

We made it into Rockhampton in time to set up camp before the sun came down and to enjoy a nice glass of wine.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How To Deal With Bedtime Anxiety

How To Deal With Bedtime Anxiety

Do You Have an Anxious Child At Bedtime?

*This is a sponsored post brought to you by Sleepmaker*

Anxiety in children is a crippling thing, for both the parents and the child. It seems every little thing makes them anxious and nothing is worse than the dreaded bedtime.

We are going through this at the moment with my Miss 9. Every night before she goes to bed she issues me with instructions and asks the same questions. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Pros and Cons Of The Life Of A Redhead

Pros and Cons Being A Redhead

The Woes of The "Ranga"

I went to an all girls school, in fact the same school that my girls are now attending.. believe it or not not much has changed....

The classrooms still look the same, the library and canteen are still the same, the tiles and paintwork are still the same.....even the smell is still the same.

Walking the corridors even now brings back memories, some good...some not so good....

I was a pretty awkward teenager. I had red hair and freckles (still do), but in a school yard environment where everyone seemed to be either blonde or brunette and with beautiful tanned skin and visible eyebrows and eyelashes, all I wanted to do was just fit in with everyone else.
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

White Balloon Day- Who Are You Protecting?

Who Are You Protecting?

Yesterday was White Balloon Day, a day where we all come together to ask "Who are you protecting"? 

Participants write who they are protecting on their hand and donate to a foundation that helps raise awareness for child sexual assault and helps families deal with the aftermath.

Protecting our children from sexual predators is a horrible but necessary part of parenting in this day and age.  

The majority of those that prey on our kids are usually those that have earn't a place of trust with the child and quite often the family also. 

As a result of this the child may feel unable to speak up, afraid of the repercussions if they do so. So we all need to be vigilant and look out for the signs.

Maybe they have been threatened into silence, maybe no-one has taken their claims seriously.

It is up to we as adults and their protectors to ensure our children's safety and to protect them at all costs.

So who are you protecting?

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Have You Asked Your Kids - RUOK #stumbleintotheweekend


Can Boys and Girls Truly Be Friends?

Have you asked your teens RUOK today?

This week has been a turbulent one for Miss 14, I have had numerous days this week where she has come home from school in tears.

The teenage years certainly are trying and she is truly starting to figure out which friends she can rely on and which so called "friends" she would do better to do without!

Rumour and assumptions can go a long way to damage the self esteem of a young girl. Nasty and whispered words can have a demoralising effect on a once feisty spirit.

Add into the mix social media and even in the safe confines of your own home you can't escape....

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thai Style Fish and Stir Fried Vegetables - Family Favourite Thursdays

Thai Style Fish Recipe

Thai Style Fish and Stir Fry Veges

The other night Miss 16 asked me what was for dinner.

"Thai Fish Cakes", was my response.

"Ooooh, that sounds nice" she commented. 

Yep no meat and 3 veg for us tonight!! 

I had already been grocery shopping, had looked the recipe up online, so I was all set!!..... or so I thought......
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RV/Campervan Holiday Part 5 Bucasia Beach to The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Bucasia Beach QLD to Airlie Beach QLD

Part 5 and by this time we are thoroughly enjoying the fresh sea air and waking up to the crashing sounds of the ocean.

We got up early for a lovely walk along the beach before saying goodbye to Bucasia and enjoyed a quick 1.5 hour drive in "Bertha" north to beautiful Airlie Beach.

We stayed at the fantastic Adventure Whitsunday Big 4 where the kids indulged in riding the Go Carts and spending all their spare time in an amazing pool!

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