School Holiday Activities

Schools Out!!

Well schools finished for another year and it has left me very bewildered and astounded at just how fast the year has gone.

Miss 15 has finished year 10 and is about to embark next year on her final two years of school and that means the dreaded HSC over the next two years.  

Miss 13 has just finished year 7 and her first year of High School, which by all accounts has gone very well and has been thoroughly enjoyable and successful.

Miss 8 has finished year 2 and has had a great year and is very much looking forward to getting out of the infants section of the school and moving into Primary.

Miss 5 has graduated from Pre-School and is all set to join her sister at “big school” next year, very exciting for her and for me.
As for me, I am using the holidays to get used to being a semi- “empty nester” and maybe even start looking for a part time job.

We are also getting set after the mad Christmas rush to embark on our great family adventure of an RV tour through Central and Coastal Queensland, have a look at our itinerary here.  

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So if you aren’t going away for your holiday what are some things to do with the kids over the holidays so you don’t go stir crazy?
  • Bowling A great activity to pass a few hours and to take advantage of some air conditioning
  • Olmpic Park Sydney: Has some great free family activities for the school holidays
  • Movies: A trip to the movies can be quite expensive for a large family, so keep a lookout for some holiday deals.  There is always the option to create a cinema atmosphere at home, make some popcorn, dim the lights and have your own movie marathon.
  • Take a trip to the beach
  • Do some Arts and Crafts, this will keep them occupied for ages. Have a look at some easy DIY Christmas Craft ideas here.
  • Cool off at your local Aquatic Centre
  • Go ice-skating at your local ice rink
  • Grab a helmet and go bike riding together
  • Visit your local park for some outside fun and exercise
  • Visit your local museum (most have free entry)
  • Play some board games, Monopoly, Scrabble
  • Catch public transport into your local city and have fun walking around for the day and looking at the sights
  • Visit your local Wildlife park
  • Have a writing competition, design and illustrate your own mini book and read them together.
  • Have a cooking day, make some biscuits and cakes that can be decorated by loving hands.

So I hope everyone has a great holiday and that I have provided you with just a few ideas to get you through!!!

Take a look at our Christmas Trip Into Sydney

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