Tips for Great Nails

Beauty Tip of The Week – Tips for Great Nails

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Do you wish you had great nails? Are you sick of them breaking and chipping?

Here are my beauty tips for healthy looking nails.

  • Cheap lanolin and vitamin E cream are great for dry brittle nails. Rub it into the cuticles and all over the nail. This condition is particularly common in the winter months.
  • Wear gloves for cleaning and gardening jobs! these activities can be very harsh on nails and hands.
  • Don’t cut or peel cuticles, these are your natural barrier to infection. Mess with these and you could be doing more harm than good, including encouraging an infection of the nail bed.
  • Avoid acetone nail polish removers, they can make nails brittle over time, as it will strip the nail too.
  • Don’t wash your hands too much and avoid contact with chemicals.
  • Don’t bite your nails
  • Keep nail files around the house, in drawers, handbags etc. Nails that are uneven and sharp are subject to breakage more so than nails that are filed evenly, so get into the habit of filing them regularly
  • Drink water, apart from being very good for you internally, water is also great for nails and hair.
  • Don’t use your fingernails as a tool, avoid scraping, picking and peeling at objects with your nails.
  • When using nail polish, always use a base coat before applying a colour, finish with a top coat to make your nail polish last longer.


  • Don’t trim or file your nails when they are wet. Wait until they are completely dry. Wet nails are weaker and prone to breakage easily.

So here’s to better looking nails, hope these tips help

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