Mums Are Superheros

The Proof that Mums are “Superheros”

Having 4 children I came to the realisation fast that my life was going to get exceedingly busier and busier as time progressed.
Becoming a first time Mum 15 1/2 years ago I don’t think I truly appreciated that my life now was no longer my own and probably never would be again.
You have this tiny tiny baby that is dependant on you for absolutely everything and it remains that way for the best part of 2-3 years until they become at least slightly independent and can play on their own for a bit, earning you a small reprieve.
Some of your other friends have teenagers and you think to yourself that they have it so much easier than you do.  Their children are completely self sufficient and independent and are content to spend much more time in the company of their friends than with you!
What you don’t realise is that this is just an illusion, children never become truly independent EVER….
Take this weekend for example, I spent more time in my car than anywhere else, more time with my hand in my wallet and more time realising just how easy it was when my kids were babies!
This is how the weekend panned out:-


  • 7.40am school drop for T-Ball training for Miss 8
  • 8.40 am School drop off for Miss 5.
  • Off to to Miss 8’s school T-Ball game
  • School pick up for Miss 5 and Miss 8
  • Miss 13 who decided to spend Valentines Day after school with some friends..puts in a call to me and requests that I pick her up once her “Happy Singles Day” had come to a close. This also included a request to take one of her friends home too! …”Mum’s Taxi” was now officially in service for the weekend…..
  • Pick up hubby from work
  • Miss 5 and Miss 8 head off to “Little Athletics”, luckily this is within walking distance, thank heavens for small mercies!
  • Drive Miss 15  to work, curtesy of “Mum’s taxi”!!!
  • Miss 13 asks if a friend can come over……
  • Plans change and Miss 13 and her friend decide to catch the bus to go to the movies…..phew off the hook…or so I thought….
  • Bus never showed, so cue “Mum’s Taxi” once more and I take Miss 13 and friend to the movies.
  • Call from Miss 13 to pick her up and drop her friend at home after the movie….meter is running on “Mum’s Taxi”
  • Call from Miss 15 to pick her up from work…”Mum’s Taxi” is now in overtime!!!!
  • Phew finally that days over …time for a wine…..
  • Miss 13 and Miss 15 decide to go shopping and to the movies together, I don’t complain because I love the fact that my two oldest girls want to spend time together….first drop off of the day for “Mums Taxi”! 
  • Weekly ironing has been done, school uniforms and business shirts all ready to go for the week, so at least I feel I have accomplished something!
  • Miss 5 has been invited to a birthday party, so it’s off to that we go!!!
  • Call from Miss 15 and Miss 13, movie has finished therefore they are ready to be picked up!!! *sigh*
  • A quick detour is in place to pick them up first,  then drop Miss 5 at her party…….”Mums Taxi” doesn’t know whether she is coming or going!!!!
  • Off to do the grocery shopping
  • Back to pick up Miss 5 from her party, a very successful party by all accounts, notes taken for future reference….
Finally the highlight of my weekend and the inspiration behind this post was a young boy noticing my Superman T-shirt that I was wearing at the Supermarket. I overheard him saying to his Mother “Look Mum, that Mum is a “Superhero”!!!! “
That kid had no idea just how much he made my day!!!
I know most Mums just feel like they are floundering from day to day.  Our whole lives revolve around our kids and supporting them in their daily lives.  
As babies our kids are dependent on us for absolutely everything and as much as we like to think that our teenagers are very independent (in certain respects they are) their dependance has just evolved into different needs.
So the next time you are flustered from running your children around from one activity to the next, maintaing your household and/or holding down a paying job all at the same time, remember there is at least one little boy out there who thinks all Mums are “Superheroes”. 
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