9 Ingenious Ideas and Products – For Girls

Why Didn’t I Think Of These? – Products for Girls

Here are some ingenious ideas  all designed to make our lives easier…or at least more enjoyable. 
All I can say is “Shut Up and Take My Money”!!!
1. A Shoe Carousel:– Just what every girl needs…… I just need the shoes to fill it!! Credit card please!
2. Peanut Butter Brownie Pizza – Incorporating 3 of my favourite things all together, why has no one thought of this before….or have they just been keeping this delectable treat all to themselves….a must try, especially at that time of the month….

3.  Confidence Boosting Scales – Never get another depressing reading on the bathroom scales again, have the perfect result ready for you every day. These are my kind of scales. A great message for our girls too!

4. Pump Shoe/Jeans Socks – Ingenious idea!!! Take my money now! This is fantastic! Comfort and practicality, socks for your pumps!.

5.  Combined Scissors and Sticky Tape Dispenser – Never have one without the other again, perfect for all that birthday present wrapping, I needed one of these over the last few weeks during our mega birthday period.

6.  Hot/Iron Straightener holder – Just what every bathroom that has to cope with 4 girls all grooming themselves at the same time needs.  No more accidentally scorching your hand for the umpteenth time on a straightener that has been left to cool down on the vanity top.  Just pop it in the holder.

7.  The Wine Station – Just what every Mum needs and what every kitchen could not do without a wine dispenser!!! 

8. Bath Ducky Ipod Speakers – Another “shut up and take my money” moment!! What an awesome idea…. The “IDuck Ipod Speakers, now I just need to make the time for a long luxurious bath and not a 5 minute shower that is constantly interrupted by the screaming of “MUM”!…….

9.  The Screw on Heel – Always have the perfect heel height right on hand, no matter what the occasion!
For more great images check out Dump A Day
Which one is your favourite?

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