Before I Was A Mum

Before I Was A MumWhat Was Life Like Before You were a Mum?

I found this poem the other day and I thought that it described the evolution of a “mum” perfectly. 
There are so many things that we complain endlessly about regarding our children, however at the end of the day, we know that ultimately our kids are our entire world and that we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Before I Was A Mum

Before I was a mum – By Kelly Seccombe

Before I was a mum,
I slept in past six,
I ate everything off my plate and didn’t have to share with grabbing little fingers,I slept the entire night through,I went where I wanted when I wanted without a gazillion other things,
I went to the supermarket and pushed my quiet trolley,
I went clothes shopping and spent hours trying on clothes,
I went to parties, to clubs, I danced,
I drank cos I could and smoked cos I could,
I showed off more skin than I should have,
I went to restaurants whether they were child-friendly or not,
My house stayed tidy,
A bath by myself wasn’t a huge treat,
Nor was going to the toilet alone,
I could watch movies, programs and adverts without crying,
Before I was a mum,
I had never known that I could solve any problem,
That my kisses could make nearly everything better,
That stretch marks would be a source of both pride and annoyance,
That I would care so much about what function my breasts had and if they would do what I wanted them to,
That a man who can change a stinky nappy and still hold the baby tenderly afterwards is sexier than any movie star from Hollywood,
That silence would have me suspicious, not relieved,
Before I was a mum,
I didn’t thank God it wasn’t my child in the news,
I hadn’t sat up with a sick baby all night, wishing I could take their place,
I hadn’t cried on the inside and kept calm on the outside after seeing my child get hurt,
I had never wanted to hurt those who wronged my child,
I had never known that you can love for just a moment and that will be eternal until I met fellow mums whose babies did not stay,
I did not understand that the bravest person in the world is the one whose child left this earth before them but they still get up every day and manage a smile,
I never knew how sweet the smell of a baby is,
How the sound of their first word is more beautiful than any other noise on earth,
Before I was a mum,
I never believed in love at first sight, I never knew that seeing someone for the first time could stir emotions I didn’t even know I had,
Before I was a mum I didn’t understand what an amazing privilege it is to have these little parts of us that take up so much room, in our hearts, that we happily let consume our lives, who’s happiness matters more than our own, I didn’t recognise how amazing and selfless and brave mothers are.
Now I do.
Before I Was A Mum

What do you think the best thing about being a Mum is?


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