Make Up Tips for Teen Girls

Make Up Tips
Less is More – Make Up Tips for Teen Girls

Having two teenage girls in the house means there is lot’s of experimentation going on with make up and beauty products.
Some days are successful….some not so much…..
We all know the psyche of the teenage girl is tenuous at best.  So how do we encourage our girls to apply and wear the correct make up that suits them without sounding too critical?
Girls are very susceptible to criticism, they will either take it with the good natured and helpful intent in which it was given, or will get self defensive, aggressive and the next thing you hear is doors slamming…it’s a fine line…

Make Up Tips For Teen Girls

So here are some general tips in getting your teens to wear makeup that will enhance their natural beauty without appearing over the top.

  • Don’t wear too much eyeliner, especially if you have small eyes.  Maybe just a bit along the top lid if this is you.  Always draw as close to the lash line as possible.
  • If you put makeup on your eyes only wear a little gloss on your lips.  Never do heavy eyes AND heavy lips, only one or the other.
Light Skin: Pale Pinks
Medium Skin: Sandy Pinks
Bronze, Dark or Ebony Skin: Soft plum or bronze
Olive Skin: Pink, tawny or rose

Make Up Teens For Teens
  • Don’t worry about blush.  If you must wear blush make sure it is a light cream blush, this will look the most natural
  • Don’t apply powder directly onto the skin.  Moisturise or apply foundation first.
  • DO NOT pluck your own eyebrows.  If you must do something to them, make sure the first time you get them professionally shaped.  Only then can you deal with a few stray hairs as they appear (if you have to).  Never mess with the natural line of the brow.
  • Choose the correct foundation for your skin tone, you don’t want to end up looking like an Oompa Loompa.
  • Have your makeup for daytime wear and makeup for when it’s “Party Time”, never confuse the two.  Remember less is more during the day and for school. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Ask Mum, an Aunt, a close friend or your best friends Mum. Women are always keen to give each other advice.
  • Stay away from blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick….the 70’s are over..
  • Be careful around your eyes, eyeliner pencils can be sharp
  • Always take your makeup off before bed.  Teens have pimple prone skin so leaving your makeup on overnight is only going to encourage a breakout.
If your teen girl is ready to start using makeup on a daily basis here are some great makeup packs that are just perfect for teens.

Make Up Tips For Teens

So remember if you absolutely must wear makeup, less is more, you still want everyone to focus on you as a person and not the makeup.  Make up is designed to enhance the natural beauty that every girl has anyway and not to cover it up. Remember to let your inner beauty shine through too.

What tips do you think every teen girl should know? 



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