Why I Write

Why I Write Blog Posts

Why I Write…….

I have seen these posts flying around the blogosphere over the past few weeks via some very lovely bloggers that I read regularly and admire.

I had considered joining the blog hop “Why I Write” but to be honest, I wasn’t really sure how to answer that question.
So it wasn’t until I accepted the challenge from Eva at the Multitasking Mummy that I thought, OMG, now I finally have to do this!!
I have always dabbled in the written word, ever since my school days. So many stories have been written and left unfinished, so many ambitions of becoming a world famous author left unfulfilled, but last year I embarked on a new and fantastical journey that has become this blog.  I have since discovered a place where I can write down my thoughts and share my experiences. 
So now can I truly call myself a writer?

Before I had the girls, my life consisted of going to work in an administrative career, whereby I was writing what I was told to write and following the policies and procedures set out by the relevant workplace. There was no outlet for my creativity and having a creative personality, I discovered this was actually something I needed in my life. 
Fast forward 15 years and work and career life had been replaced by the Stay At Home Mum life.  Don’t get me wrong raising my 4 girls has been and continues to be a very rewarding and fulfilling part of my life, but I still felt as though there was something missing.
When my youngest started school this year, I found myself thinking that perhaps it was time to do a little something for myself and hence this blog was born. 
I am loving writing about my girls, loving giving other Mums of girls some helpful advice and tips, sharing my stories and immersing myself in this wonderful community and the best thing, I am finally writing!!
Mac Book and coffee
What I Am Working On
Raising the girls, looking after a house and a hubby who works ridiculously long hours doesn’t leave me much time in the day for much else. The blog is primarily what I’m working on these days with other projects in the pipeline, however progress in these areas is pretty slow.  I am hoping to build the blog to an extent that I can contribute financially to the family, but that is not my ultimate goal. 
I am enjoying expressing myself and providing a voice for all Mums of girls, when sometimes raising these hormonal creatures can seem so challenging at times. I hope I am providing a place where Mums can vent and offer their opinions.
I have been able to establish relationships with a few brands and I hope to expand in this area in the future….I guess that’s the ambitious nature in me coming out, always wanting to better myself and improve whatever I am working on.
I have started to write a novel, (Isn’t that what all aspiring writers do?) however the time I get to work on this is practically non existent, so it maybe finished…. oh in about 10 years time…maybe it’s something I will get to work on in my retirement years…..
Most people know of the little “black book” I have a little “red book” and would be lost without it.  
This is where I jot down any ideas I have for future posts.  I tend to carry this with me everywhere and fits nicely inside my handbag…you never know when an idea may suddenly start to take shape and I’m the sort of person that needs to write everything down, before it decides to flit out of my head and into the never never.
How Does My Writing Differ From Others In My Genre?
“Genre” that’s a really interesting word.  
Do I have a “genre”?… I guess I do.  
Some may consider me a “Parenting” Blogger, some may consider me a “Lifestyle” Blogger….I like to think that I’m a little from column A and a little from column B.
I try to stick as closely to my niche’ as possible. I am extremely proud that I have been able to establish a blog that gives all of our girls a voice and provides  a place that their parents can go to to know they are not alone in raising their daughters and guiding them through all the unique challenges that girls face.
I like to think I am in a pretty unique position to write from first hand experience and cover the various different age groups of girls from tween to teen.  I have seen some other blogs that are dedicated to writing about girls, though they seem to be pretty clinical, I wanted to be able to offer a more personal touch. Hopefully I have been able to do that.
Computer Mac Book
The “Mister Sheen” can in the above pic probably indicates what I should be doing right about now…..
Why Do I Write What I Do?
The decision to start this blog really started with Facebook.  About 2 years ago I started my Facebook Page.   I know most bloggers generally start the other way around and organise their social media  accounts around their blogs, but up until then I didn’t really understand how a blog worked!
The page started off really well, receiving great engagement and interaction and it seemed the people liking it were really enjoying it.  I thought to myself “how could I expand on this?” 
As I was sourcing information to share on the FB Page, I discovered some very talented blog writers and their blogs. I suddenly thought “hey! I could do that”!
Hence Barbie Bieber and Beyond, the blog was born.
Once piece of information they give you when starting a blog is to “write what you know”…. Well 4 girls and 16 years later, I think I have a wealth of experience and information on this topic and it was about time I shared it with others. 
Sometimes Mums of girls can feel a little overwhelmed.  There is so much going on as they grow and mature, so my ultimate aim is to reduce that uncertainty and to let fellow Mums of girls know they are not alone.
I am by no means a so called parenting “expert”.  I enjoy receiving advice from my fellow Mums,  just as much as I enjoy providing it.  I hope that by doing this we can all learn from each other and share our knowledge.
I hope I am entertaining others as well as providing some tips and advice, however my ultimate aim is to just have fun with it and enjoy meeting others along the way.
I love the fact that I am finally able to let my inner creativity out!!!
How Does My Writing Process Work?
I write what I know….. 
An idea will come to me generally while we are going about our day to day lives.  
Sometimes there may be something going on in the media like the #LikeAGirl Campaign, Bindi Irwins opinions on the dress sense of fellow teens or topics encouraging our girls to reach their full potential and I feel the need to offer my own opinion on such topics and hear opinions from my readers.
I tend to organise my posts by the week writing them all down in my trusty little red book…. This however is often subject to change should the need arise…..woman’s perogative …..
Computer Mac Book
Where I Write
Yep where the magic happens, nothing flash, nothing fancy…..I am relegated to the dining room table……..
A post sometimes can be done in matter of minutes…..some however depending on the topic can take much longer.  
It also depends on my motivation and of course interruptions.  I am writing this post in the middle of the school holidays, so yep it is taking me forever!!! Sometimes the words just flow out, other times it’s like pulling teeth.  
I always love that feeling of pushing the publish button, knowing that you have just published a post that has you feeling all tingly inside and one that you have been proud to write. Whether anyone else likes it or not is irrelevant….
So ultimately why I write  is for ME, simple as that! 
After years of being someones wife and the girls mother, I have finally found something that is all mine. Yes my family may influence and inspire what I write about, but how I do that is all up to me!
I love being able to express myself and share thoughts and ideas with my readers and the blogging community. 
Before I started blogging I had no idea that this wonderful community of bloggers even existed and I feel so fortunate to have found you all xxx
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