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How Do You Handle Telemarketers? #stumbleintotheweekend

I receive most of my phone calls on my mobile phone, so when the landline rings at home I always cringe and when an unrecognised number appears on the screen, my heart seems to skip a beat.
I always answer it though, why is that?…
Because always in the back of my mind I am envisaging some major family catastrophe that I need to know about and if I don’t answer the phone I will never know the news!!….. I mentioned I had a mobile right?
Anyhoo… 9 times out of 10 when the landline rings during the day or at 6pm in the evening it is always a telemarketer. Why do I pay an excess on my monthly phone bill for a “silent” number when I am going to get these calls anyway?

dealing with telemarketers
So of course I inevitably answer the phone and who do they ask for? 
Always my husband!  This immediately gets my back up. Why do they need to speak to him? Am I not good enough?….. Wait, hang on!  I don’t want to speak to them anyway! Sure you can speak to him… except he’s never available!!
dealing with telemarketers

So what are the best comebacks you can use when a telemarketer calls:-
  • Put your 4 year old on the line and tell them that it’s Santa, this will keep them busy for ages!
  • When they ask “How are you today” tell them….. “my back hurts”, I’m so tired after……”, “I’m just dealing with a death in the family”…… soon shuts them up……
  • Keep saying “no” over and over until they hang up on you… “no”..”no”..”no”..no”.
  • Ask them if they wouldn’t mind holding the line while you clean up the blood……
  • Tell them you are going deaf and they need to speak up… tell them this over and over and over… so funny!
  • Pretend to speak to them in a foreign language..
  • Tell them “you know my name, what is your name and home number? I will give you a call back at a time more convenient to me”..
  • Flirt on the phone, “what are you wearing”?….. “How you doin'”? etc they will hang up pretty quick.
After going through these I am actually looking forward to my next telemarketer call, bring it on!!
What is your best tip to get rid of a telemarketer? Are you a telemarketer?

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  1. says

    Ha! True story here – We live in the house where my hubby grew up and we still get telemarketer calls for his parents, especially his dad. Once when a telemarketer asked for my FIL, I was juggling kids, trying to make dinner, etc. and I snapped “He doesn’t live here anymore!” The person on the phone obviously assumed it was some sort of nasty divorce situation and apologized profusely, promising to take us off their call list! There you go – strategy #8! 😊

  2. Winnie says

    Thanks for the tips LOL
    I looooooo the 1st one :)
    I usually use one of your tips – I start talking in English

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the party :)

  3. Jennifer says

    Can’t wait to use my child! I usually just interrupt them, tell them I’m not interested, and hang up on them. But maybe it’s time to have a little fun. I’ve been on the receiving end and it is annoying when you are trying to do your job and someone is being an ass. But flirting with them is a good way to get them to hang up. Especially if you are being perverted about it.

  4. says

    I have put my child on before and it was hilarious. My oldest son recently tried to enter a competition online and one of the conditions was he had to agree to receive information from about 50 different companies. He of course gave them my number and I have been seriously bombarded. I have had to resort to telling them the story and get them to take me off their lists. Gahhhhhh One day I will laugh about it…. maybe xx

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