Ice Bucket Challenge and Scary Teen Challenges

Ice Bucket Challenge Has Finally Hit Our House.

If you are a parent of a teenager you are probably hearing and seeing the never ending videos of your teens and their friends completing the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Awareness, all over Facebook.

This is one challenge that has taken the world by storm with average citizens and celebrities alike all stepping up once nominated,  to raise money for research into the debilitating disease ALS.
So what does one do in the dead of winter?

Why we tip 3 buckets of ice cold water and ice over our heads of course!!

This is my daughter Miss 14 doing her Ice Bucket Challenge!

This however got me thinking about other crazes and challenges that teenagers are undertaking or have undertaken in the past,  sometimes with tragic results and left us scratching our heads…..

  • Planking: Seemed quite harmless at the time, until things started being taken to the extreme. This activity involved lying face down, as straight as board on any surface. Photographs were then taken and posted on social media, it wasn’t until people started doing this on balcony ledges and roof tops that the appeal began to lose some of it’s lustre.
Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Cinnamon Challenge: This appears pretty easy, try to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon and see what happens…. OK it’s not as easy as it sounds.  Teenagers everywhere were subjecting themselves to mouthfuls of this spice, which is better served up as an addition to desert. Unfortunately this seemingly harmless challenge does pose some pretty major risks. Cinnamon is ground tree bark of the Cinnamomum Tree, inhaling it can induce an asthma attack, you are actually inhaling tree bark. Think of the mining disease “black lung”, think of mesothelioma from asbestos fibres, these symptoms only appear decades later…… no thanks.
  • Ice and Salt Challenge: Salt is sprinkled onto the skin then an ice cube is pushed into the salt.  The pain is intense (similar to frostbite) and the challenge is to see who can last the longest before their pain threshold is reached.  Unfortunately cases of 2nd degree burns have been reported by teens who have stupidly tried this one. Definitely a head scratcher!!
Salt and Ice Challenge
  • Breath Holding Challenge: This one actually went around my daughters high school for a short period. The challenge was to see how long you could hold your breath. OK that sounds relatively simple and harmless,  until some students start passing out and fitting, due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Me thinks the wisest decision making process was not followed here.
So with the above in mind, I think I will encourage my girls to tip a bucket of iced water over their heads any day. It seems pretty harmless in comparison and it’s for a good cause. Go for it girls!


  1. Alicia-OneMotherHen says

    If I am nominated, I am so not going near this one until Summer! At least the ice challenge is raising awareness and money for ALS, which I had to look up to see what it actually is. A bit like Motor Neuron disease, which hits close to home for our family.

  2. says

    I hadn’t heard of half of these! We’re still some years off having teens but it’s still scary to think about these. I remember one from when I was in high school where the objective was the pass out.

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