RV-Campervan Holiday Part 3 – Charleville QLD To Longreach QLD

RV Campervan Holiday Charleville to LongreachCharleville QLD to Longreach QLD

Part 3 sees us FINALLY on the road out of Charleville and heading full steam ahead towards Longreach.
After a few eventful days in Charleville, after “Bertha” had decided she had had enough. We were finally feeling like our trip was back on track, albeit a few days late.
We made the quick decision once the van was finally fixed to get on the road fast and try and make our next destination for the night Blackall, which we estimated would take approximately 3 hours on the road. It was now 3 pm which meant we would be on the road during the most dangerous time for wildlife so all our eyes were peeled.
The drive took a bit longer than first anticipated and we were finally on the outskirts of Blackall by about 6.30pm, running the gauntlet of suicidal Kangaroos. 
It took everyones eyes peering out the windows on Kangaroo watch and driving at around 40 km/hr with fingers crossed to try and avoid them as they darted across the road.  
Unfortunately every precaution under the sun didn’t stop us from hitting one poor roo, that quickly got back to his feet and darted off into the scrub. The girls were distraught and we all really hoped that he made it.
Finally we arrived safe and sound ready to explore the Outback
RV Campervan Holiday Charleville to Longreach
Blackall QLD
Morning dawned and what a beautiful day!! Already 30 degrees at 8am, we knew we were going to be in for a scorcher!! 
We arrived at Longreach just before lunchtime exiting the van for the obligatory town sign photograph to a sweltering 45 deg C!!! Next stop was the caravan park pool!!
Longreach Australia
Arrived In Longreach
Stockmans Hall Of Fame
Australian Stockmans Hall Of Fame
Stockmans Hall Of Fame
A visit to the Stockmans Hall of Fame, which showed us Australia’s rich history of Outback settlement. A wonderfully educational museum which was fantastic for the girls to learn all about Australias early pioneers of the Outback.  They were enthralled and we were all finally realising just how big our wonderful country truly was.
QANTAS Founders Museum
QANTAS Founders Museum….complete with Emu….
Then it was across the road to the QANTAS Founders Museum. 
QANTAS (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) was founded in 1919 and it is the second oldest airline in the world. What started off as a scheduled mail run between Charleville and Cloncurry in 1922 has now grown to be one of the biggest airlines in the world. 
QANTAS Founders Museum
QANTAS Founders Museum
The original QANTAS Hanger

QANTAS Founders Museum
Photo in a 747 Engine

Longreach Australia
Local resident
After a very long and hot day sightseeing it was off to have a glass of wine with the caravan parks local kangaroos.
Longreach Australia
Don’t forget to check out next weeks leg as we start our journey to the coast. 

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