When It All Goes To Pot – #StumbleIntoTheWeekend

When It Doesn’t Rain It Pours….Literally

This week has been very busy, quick, lonely, filled with sickness and very very wet …

To top it all off Hubby has been away on business for the past 2 weeks in Singapore, so I have been playing the “single” parent role.
All I can say that to all of you who do this each and every day, I take my hat off you, you are all amazing, it is so hard to have to do everything on your own.

The week started going to pot last weekend. Miss 9 decided that on Saturday she was going to bless the house with a stomach virus, so my Saturday night and Sunday was spent cleaning and disinfecting.  I herded her into isolation (my room) for the duration. She shares a room with Miss 6 and I couldn’t risk the chance of it transmitting to her! So Miss 9 was left with strict instructions that she wasn’t to come out except to use the bathroom and I would be bringing everything to her. She set herself up in my bed complete with the TV and an assortment of dolls …… Oh and the dog…..
Saturday night was also when the heavens decided to open up and it began to rain and rain and rain.  We haven’t had any ‘proper’ rain for months and as soon as my husband goes away it decided to bucket down!  As a result of all this rain, the pool is just about overflowing, our half finished retaining wall has now had a semi collapse and the chickens are soon going to evolve into ducks!

The filter on the fish tank, which is hubby’s pride and joy, started making some very interesting noises and then stopped making noises all together…. not a good sign….. however after some investigation, I discovered what the problem was and I have sort of managed to fix it… I emphasise… “sort of”… although I still don’t think it is working properly. I didn’t realise I could be so inventive until I was put to the task.
Tuesday Miss 14 was inducted into the SRC/school leadership team, a bright moment on what has been a very dull week, it was just a shame that her Dad was unable to be there too. But her Grandmother and I watched her receive her badge and to see that proud look on her face was just awesome.

Wednesday the weather finally let up and we started getting glimpses of blue sky at last. Just in time for netball training…. a bit more rain to get training cancelled would have been nice, I know I’m hard to please….. there is nothing worse than having to go out on a cold night.
Then tonight I put out the garbage bins, unsure if or when they are actually going to get emptied. Our garbage trucks are not allowed back on the roads over the next few days until they all have undergone a safety checks…. just what a family of 6 needs….OK girls, stop generating rubbish… easier said than done!

So on the weekend I have a bit of cleaning up to do, shovelling sand, cleaning drains, cleaning out a chicken coop, plus all our normal sporting commitments…..lets all pray for a bit of blue sky shall we?

However I think that is very unlikely, even as I write this, I can once again hear the rain pouring down on the roof!

What is the age old saying “when it doesn’t rain it pours”? Well it certainly has been doing a lot of that around here this week.

How has your week been, have you managed to keep dry and warm?

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Hope everyone has a great (and dry) weekend!



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