Grandpa’s Unicorn Forest

Grandpa’s Legacy

So we finally got around to cleaning out my Dad’s shed in his backyard.

He passed away 3 years ago and to be honest it’s a task that we just haven’t wanted to face.

You see this was his domain, this was where he went to tinker, to think and to dream.

It wasn’t anything flash, just a little tin shed plopped out the back, but it was filled with all the things that mean’t a lot to him, along with lots and lots of junk…

He was a retired marine mechanic, so there was also every tool known to man, half of which I have no idea what they are or what they do.

He was also a mad, keen fisherman, so there were fishing nets, rods, reels, tackle boxes, wet weather gear, you name it he had it.

I didn’t want my Mum to have to worry about doing the cleaning out, so Mr Barbie hired a truck. We reversed it into the driveway and just moved everything in the shed into the truck and brought it  back to our place. Where we have proceed to go through everything at our own pace.

A lot of things we want to keep, some we might not. My Dad was a hoarder, so there is a lot of stuff to go through.


When my girls were small, they wanted to give “Grandpa’s Shed” a name. They said something that Grandpa loved so much deserved to have a name.

Dad said that he would go along with any name they picked out, it was completely up to them…he was very brave.

Coincidentally  they had just finished watching a Barbie movie.  As a result the name they decided on reflected this and  “Grandpa’s Unicorn Forest” was born.

Not a name you would associate with a “man shed” but nevertheless, “Grandpa’s Unicorn Forest” it was and “Grandpa’s Unicorn Forest” it remained, up until the other week.

My Mum even made up a sign and laminated it.


And as part of the move, the sign came along with us.

As we were unloading the truck, Miss E caught a glimpse of the sign and promptly burst into tears, even after nearly 3 years the pain is still just as fresh sometimes.

She was probably the closest to her Grandpa and took his death very hard.

Now at 15 years of age I know she misses him more than anything, so the task of unloading his treasures was very hard for her.


Needless to say once she started bawling, I started bawling, everyone started bawling. It probably would have been better if we had waited until we weren’t unloading a particularly heavy wardrobe, but sometimes these moments still have the ability to catch you by surprise.

So even though “Grandpa’s Unicorn Forest” has moved on, it will never be forgotten, nor will the way it came to be.

The sign now has a pride of place in our living room, next to all the people that Grandpa loved so much and where we can look at it every day and remember what an amazing Grandpa my girls had, even if it was for just a short time.Grandpas

In what special way do you remember those that are no longer with us?



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    What an interesting name for a man shed and what an emotional time you will have sorting through your dad’s treasures. Both our fathers are much the same, only their sheds seem to have needed extensions and extra sheds to keep up with their hobbies and collections over the years.

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