10 Safety Tips Every Teen Girl Needs To Know

safety tips teen girls
10 Safety Tips Every Teen Girl Needs To Know

My two oldest girls who are teenagers are starting to get to the age where they are becoming a lot more independent with their lives and that includes starting to live very independent social lives.
I worry about them going out with their friends without any adult supervision and have had numerous conversations with them about watching their own personal safety and being aware of their surroundings.
At this stage their outings are mostly confined to the movies, shopping trips and to friends houses, but as they get a bit older I know this is going to change to the club and party scene.
So what tips do teenagers need to keep them safe, while they enjoy all the things that involve being a teenager and young adult?
  • Always carry your mobile phone.  Make sure it is fully charged before you leave the house.  Have all necessary numbers saved in your contacts ie your parents, friends parents and your friends.  Also have a ICE (In Case Of Emergency) number stored under those 3 letters, usually a parent. Most people looking in your phone for next of kin details will look under these 3 letters.
  • Have a “Buddy”.  The “Buddy system is not just for Kindergarten and the old saying is still very much true, there is “safety in numbers”. You will be much safer going out in a group rather than just 2 or 3 people.
  • Avoid alcohol.  It will impede your judgement and make you more susceptible to accident and injury.
  • If you must drink alcohol and you are of legal age (18 or 21 depending on your location) make sure you eat a large meal before you go out as this will help absorb the alcohol. Don’t let others “top up” your drink and where possible always purchase any drinks in sealed bottles to avoid drink “spiking”.
  • Never get into a car with anyone who has been drinking.
  • Trust your own judgement, if it feels wrong it generally is.
  • If you are going out with a group of friends make sure you know where you are going and who is going.  Make sure your parents know this too.  This is not a way of checking up on you, but should anything happen, the most important people to you will know how to contact you and find you if need be.
  • Have a plan B to get home should the night not pan out as you expect. Never rely on others to get you home safely, take responsibility for own safety.  Have a parent on standby ready to pick you up should you need to leave early.
  • Do not go off with a person you have only just met and always let a friend know if you intend to head to the bathroom, preferably do not ever go on your own.
  • Stay together in a group and look out for one another and always let your parents know if you are going to be late home, even if only by 10 minutes…we worry you know.

Safety Tips for Teenage Girls

I wrote these as tips for your daughters and not so much the parent.
Go over them with your teen girls and above all remember that spending time with their friends, asserting their independence and having fun is all part and parcel of being a teenager, however they can do it safely and still have fun.

What tips do you have for your girls to ensure they stay safe and sound?



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