Discovering My Childs Hidden Talent Made Me Go…….Whoaaaaa

child hidden talent

We all think our kids have special talents. Some talents are displayed pretty early, are very obvious to us and to others.

Some kids,  however fly under the radar, achieve quietly, never drawing attention to themselves and pretty much live a quiet and understated existence.

These kids are never destined to become school captains, prefects, or even part of the drama club, because the idea of being in the spotlight is terrifying and sometimes debilitating.

These kids although they may be very academic and quiet achievers, never receive the recognition they deserve because honestly sometimes they are just forgotten about and overlooked.

These are the kids that when you go to parent teacher interview sometimes you have to remind the teacher that “yes” my child is definitely in your class.

These are the kids who on their school report, the worst thing written, is that they need to contribute to class discussions more.

These are the kids that are more than happy with their own company, they are often introverted and the idea of curling up on the lounge in their favourite ugg boots and new book is their idea of heaven.

These are the kids you look at and just know there is more going on in their heads then they ever will portray on the outside, to anyone.

These are the kids that one day just surprise the hell out of you.

This is exactly what happened to me with Miss M.

Miss M is deep into the guts of her final year at school. Year 12 is proving just as stressful as they say. But for a girl that relishes study and reading she is also finding some aspects quite enjoyable.

Like all HSC students she does enjoy and make the most of her downtime. She loves playing netball, she does like to read, watch movies and spend time on social media. But one thing she loves more than anything is her art.

She is studying Creative Arts as part of her HSC and this is one of her best subjects.

She has always spent time painting and drawing as a hobby, but it hasn’t been until the last 2 years that she has really taken this to the next level.

One day I walked into her room and discovered this…..

abstract artwork

I have no idea when she painted it but the technique shown completely floored me. I mean I am not art expert by any means, but to me, this is just amazing.

Out of interest I shared it in a few groups on Facebook and I was very surprised with the response.

Many were just as astounded as me, some were even wanting to purchase it and wanted to see her portfolio…ummm what portfolio?

But the thing that astounded me the most, was how and when had she developed this talent?

Has she always been this good?

Has this always been lurking beneath the surface and she just needed a bit of time and maturity to bring it out?

Or have I had blinkers on the whole time and just not taken the time to notice?

This last thought made me feel extremely guilty.

Should we have pounced on this talent earlier and perhaps helped her to develop it more?

Have I been neglectful by not noticing something within my daughter that perhaps has been there all along and should we have encouraged her to pursue it further?

She has since assured me that I haven’t.

This hidden part of her is something she has just kept for herself. A way of relaxing and chilling out and blocking out all the pressures of life.

She has said to me, that had she wanted to do something more with her art, she would have mentioned it to me long before now.

Her future plan still is the Business degree at University next year and at this stage she has no desire to change that, but I think her art will always be a special part of her life.

It’s an important part of a balanced lifestyle to have a means of escaping the pressure and stress.  If her painting does that for her and that’s all she wants it to be, then that is just fine with me.

What hidden talent has your child displayed that completely took you by surprise?



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    She looks like an art talent to me. Maybe it is something she wants to keep as a hobby, a private thing without pressure. Kids have a lot of pressure to perform academically and otherwise. Maybe it is the very fact that she has no pressure is what allows her talent to come out and obviously helps her enjoy it. She may pursue her business career and keep it as a hobby or turn it into something more down the track.
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    Holy crap – that’s amazing! Maybe it’s a creative thing… I know that I certainly hid my light under a bushell for years (LOL, if you can call it that…..) I think that a lot of creative types have a really strong feeling of insecurity about what they do, and it can be scary putting yourself out there in the world. It also doesn’t seem to be something we encourage as strongly as we do other things like sporting and academic achievements. I’ve also noticed that people will often try and steer you away from a creative path, or be a bit negative or condescending about it (THERE’S NO MONEY IN IT – WAAHHHH!!).

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