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graduating high school

This week our family celebrated a very important milestone.

It seems like only yesterday that I was holding my first little bundle of joy in my arms.

After an exhausting labour that pretty much lasted two days, Miss M was born via C-section and made a surreal, all but quiet entrance into the world.

Even as a newborn, she had her eyes wide open scanning the faces above her and absorbing her new found world.

My mother held her not long after her birth, took one look at her and proclaimed, “oh my, you have been here before”!

And that’s exactly how she has been her entire life, quietly observing the world around her, absorbing knowledge and taking everything in.

Even from kindergarten she has taken her schooling very seriously, homework and projects always had to be done on time and they always had to be perfect and that didn’t change until the end of year 12.

Miss M is the definition of an introvert, (mostly by choice). She would much rather spend her down time relaxing with her dog at home, than worrying about where her next party invitation was coming from and honestly as a Mum raising teenage girls in this day and age that suits me just fine.

So this last week after 13 long years of schooling she finally graduated high school.

Graduating high school

It was such a proud moment for us as parents and she had every right to feel extremely proud of herself after achieving amazing results so far.

We still have the HSC exams to look forward to next month, but she has put the work in and is extremely organised so fingers crossed she has that covered.

The question still remains, how on earth did I get from newborn to graduating high school student so fast?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was in that maternity wing of the hospital, staring down at my newborn and thinking, “ok, what do I do now”?

Sometimes it’s the important milestones that leave you wondering, are you living your life to it’s full potential, or are you just letting life pass you by?

The days and weeks just seem to blend together in a multitude of routine and responsibilities.

We get up we do the same things each day, we go to bed and it starts all over again, our own little Ground Hog Day. And to be honest I guess that’s just life. But before you know it, your oldest is standing on that school stage receiving her Graduating Certificate, looking ready to take on the world and you are left wondering how the hell that all happened so fast!

Graduating high school You start asking yourself these questions.

  • Have I prepared her enough to branch out on her own into the big wide world?
  • Have I given her the necessary advice to help her make educated decisions on her own?
  • Have I given her the confidence and security she needs to listen to herself and trust in her own judgement?
  • Am I ready to stop making decisions for her?
  • Is she ready for a life of indepence, am I?

Honestly, I haven’t got a clue whether she is ready or not, were any of us when we finished school?

But she will live her life each day, she will still learn through daily life and experiences. She will meet new people and forge her  way in the big, bad exciting world and before she knows it, she will be watching her 17 year old daughter graduate.

Because quite honestly, that’s just how fast it happens.

In the blink of an eye.

Have you had any melancholy or life affirmation  moments this week?

Do you remember how you felt when you were graduating high school?



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    It’s crazy how fast time can go huh, I only have a 4 year old and I am constantly going ‘How did you get so big?!’ Not long and he will be graduating too! I already had my tickets booked to go overseas by the end of high school so I was pumped to move on (even though I loved the social life!). Congrats to your daughter! #TeamIBOT

    PS: Don’t forget to link back to Essentially Jess when linking with IBOT and to post a new post on that day too :)
    Haidee@Maybe Baby Brothers recently posted…The 5 Types Of Kids At A Pre-School DiscoMy Profile

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    I hate how time goes by so quickly. We are about to celebrate (if that is the right word) our third sons graduation. Boy that makes me feel old…..
    Each time one of my boys graduates I cry a little more, I am so not ready for them to head off into the big wide world and I keep questioning myself just like you, if I have prepared them enough to head out and take the world on , on their own. It is a scary feeling.
    Congratulations on your daughters graduation. I am sure you have done an awesome job preparing her for next journey. xx

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