Want To Know What Macgyver Can Do With A Bent Paper Clip? – Oz Comic Con

Oz comic con

Oz Comic  Con

What happens when you group  a whole heap of nerds together in one place?

Apparently you call it Oz Comic Con, the biggest Sci Fi and pop culture convention to be held in Australia this year.

If you are a fan of everything, Walking Dead, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate.. Or anything else with “Star” in the title for that matter, then this place is definitely for you.

The risk to the greater population was deemed so great, that the powers that be deemed it necessary to isolate Oz Comic Con goers and put them all together on an island, thus creating the biggest congregation of nerds this country has ever seen all in one place!

My family and I were invited to attend this annual event over the weekend and let’s just say it was a very eye opening experience.

Not knowing what to expect but being able to converse in all things “Marvel”, “DC” and “Harry Potter” with the best of them, we were genuinely excited to immerse ourselves in everything Comic Con and were confident that we would be able to hold our own…..how wrong we were.

Miss M and I even donned the appropriate T-shirts.

Oz comic con

Excitement set in as we boarded our ferry for our trip to Alcatraz… Oz Comic Con. Who knew we would get to travel with the likes of Captain America and Thor, also  a very chatty Superman and a very feminine Hawkeye, apparently this Cos Play thing is a very serious business indeed and is definitely something to experience  in ones lifetime.

With sightings of Luna (Harry Potter) weaving her magic and a still hunky looking Brian Krause from Charmed looking particularly magical and Richard Dean Anderson still looking terribly resourceful, we got our celebrity fix (although I wasn’t paying $50 for a photo)….

Oz comic con

We spent the morning perusing all the different stalls, testing a wide array of weaponry,  bumping into vampires, zombies and Batman, which pleased Miss M no end.

By lunch time we were pretty much over Comic Con, we boarded the ferry and made our escape from the island…

We would just have to wait until next time to see what Macgyver could do with a bent paper clip…

Did you attend Oz Comic Con this year?

Have you ever been to a Comic Con event? What did you think?




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